Stained or discolored teeth can negatively impact your appearance and your confidence. At the Sarasota Center for General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Marcano uses the Rembrandt Sapphire in-office Whitening Crystal and Pola In-Office Whitening Gel to create brilliantly white smiles that get noticed! If you choose to whiten in our office, we’ll use the safe, effective Sapphire Whitening Crystal which gently illuminates both arches at the same time to achieve noticeably whiter teeth in less time. The Pola Whitening Gel has a unique formulation that dissolves and releases the active whitening ingredients immediately to initiate the whitening process. This makes Pola the fastest bleaching available to safely whiten at a negative pH to protect your teeth and gums. You’ll have a dramatically brighter smile, up to five shades, in about an hour. Sapphire is not an ultra-violet light so no skin protection is necessary. Think of it as a ‘booster’ to start your whitening process that can be paired with an optional at-home touch-up kit to keep your smile looking fantastic indefinitely. If you prefer to whiten gradually, PolaNight take-home bleaching can deliver the smile of your dreams in as few as two weeks. Four to six weeks of daily use will brighten your smile up to nine shades! PolaNight contains fluoride, which remineralizes the tooth surface to protect against sensitivity.